Why Do You Hate Us?

A question that was repeated on old chat forms during a lot of events such as: the second intifada, the war in Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq….

The Americans used to repeat that question, with the utmost naivete and ignorance….why do you hate us?

What is the secret to why Arabs and Muslims hate Americans?

And we would enter into discussions about justifiable reasons for this anger and hatred…

The Americans are the ones who helped implant Israel in the region, and they are ones who always defend it in the Security Council, and they are the ones who give it the green light to commit murder…..

The Americans are the ones who seek after the wealth of the Arab lands and the American army is the entity that kills thousands of innocent Arabs and Muslims ever day….

And therefore hatred is a very natural reaction….

I remember once sitting with one of the Intelligence officers in the Cairo security office who was chatting with me, to distract me until a new warrant for my arrest and detention was issued after I had just been released, so that I could be detained another time before I could leave…

Why do you hate us??

A naive question spoken with ignorance!!

For in that very building, there are dungeons beneath the ground where the detained are subjected to beatings, electric shock and other abuses so that they can confess and their cases be closed…..

And there is a person in the hallway between the dungeons…I don’t know who he is, but his hands are tied behind his back, he is blindfolded, he is sleeping on the floor in the middle of the bitter cold, and his blood soaks the floor….

“Mr. Ahmed, don’t let these kids mess with your mind….they are criminals and liars, nobody touched them, they are exaggerating, they are the ones who are hurting themselves….we die every day for the sake of the people and to defend the nation….”

And while he was speaking, one of the soldiers entered…

“Go get me a cup of coffee”..

“The cafeteria is closed, Sir”….

“What do you mean it is closed, you……go open the damn…..and tell them that Sir would like a cup of coffee….hurry up you son of a…..”

Why do you hate us?!!

And while I was sitting with this clown who thinks he is defending the nation, another officer called the Abdeen Intelligence and Secuity division, and they prepared another file of false and fabricated charges, and then they called the prosecutor to issue a new warrant of arrest and detention, in record time….

How could Ahmed Maher leave so soon after we finally got our hands on him?

And on top of that, he surrendered himself and made us look bad!!

Why do you hate us??!!

And if you read the contemporary history of Egypt, you would find that the police killed Egyptians alongside the British forces in 1919, and killed the youth in 1936 and in all the uprisings that followed…just as it killed and tortured all opposers of authority after 1952…..just as it killed and tortures hundreds of students when they demanded a quick resistance to Israel in the demonstrations of Al Tahrir….and we cannot forget the bloody reign of the police during the time of Mubarak until the revolution sparked…..

And here we are again!!

Killing and torture and fabrication and lies….looting and corruption…

And then with all the feigned ignorance and deliberate naivete…why do you not like the police??!!!!

Ahmed Maher
Torah Prison


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