We’re fine and happy this way


I sat a lot in the court room….I waited for long hours for no reason at all…the prosecution is surely agreeing on the charges with the police….the prosecution and the Interior Ministry are one hand…..the court guards and the intelligence officers of the Cairo Security Office are finally here…..”Come on, Ahmed”….

We went down two flights of stairs. I walked in between an incredible number of soldiers and police officers, and on the way to the last flight of stairs before entering the courtroom, and I saw a group of youth who I first thought to be the families of the convicts…but they were too large of a group for that…

They noticed me and one of them said “There he is!”

Perhaps journalists or activists!!

But wait, isn’t that the girl who was insulting me and insulting the January 25 revolution two days ago in the Abdeen court!!

I saw most of the people in this group at the Abdeen court before the clashes between the police (with the help of this grou of “activists”) and the journalists before I surrendered myself to the prosecution…and there they are, chanting against me with all the freedom in the world, they demonstrate in the street normally without any trouble from the Interior Ministry……

She was wearing a green blouse and black pants, and her hair was dyed in a poor fashion, or she had used oxygen to color her hair….she rushed towards me after the tall young man said “There he is!”…..

She screamed loudly “Hopefully the death penality….you traitor…you agent…you who want to destroy the police and the military”….I looked at her with a cold smile…it was comical….

And the security forces and police officers that accompanied me began to take out their cellphones and record what happened !!!

The reaction of the police amused me very much as they were preoccupied with taking photos….and obviously my cold smile annoyed the uncouth girl and her companions, and they all began insulting and screaming, their voices merging until I could no longer understand their words… Their frustration and insults amused me further, which made them more furious, and they approached me with the intention to assault, and the insults escalated to insulting family and religion!!!

And at that moment, the soldiers and officers returned their cellphones to their pockets and stopped the group in the most gentle way….

All of this happened inside their courtroom and not outside of it!!

And of course, I told this story to the prosecutor who proceeded to throw charges against me for 5 hours….

I told him that it was that same group who started trouble and assaults outside the Abdeen Court and not those standing outside it; he ignored this point of course, because the orders were to detain me and refer me to criminal court with fabricated charges and not to achieve justice…..the prosecution, the police and the thugs are one hand…..

We are the destructive ones and we want to destroy the police and the army; this is what the said about us after the 25 January revolution, just as they said we were taking 200 euros during the January revolution, just as they said we were a group of destructive infiltrators in the reign of Mubarak…..

Do you remember 25 May, 2005??!!

They said the devil we know is better than that which we do not know…Mubarak is a criminal who has been satisfied with his share, and Jamal is satisfied with his share…

Let us go a little further back in history…In 77 they called it a revolution ofcriminals….and when the students demonstrated in Al Tahrir to call for quicker resistance they called them destructive because they want the country to rush into war….

Even in the days of the British occupation, they used to say “let us keep our head out of politics… The British are living and we are living….We are fine and happy this way…”

A disappointed minority….trying to break the barriers…always used by the oppressive authority to hurt those who seek change….to cause psychological harm by spreading disappointment and hopelessness, or physical harm by assaults or beatings or murder….

The authority remains the same…..the people remain the same….and those who seek a true revolution and true change, and who truly seek freedom and justice and dignity…will remain the same…

Ahmed Maher
Torah Prison


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