The funding is revealed

 This month, I should have started a new job as a civil engineer, finally after a few months out of the engineering field, and my wife was asking me a few days ago about my starting date in the new job. My mother repeated what she used to say before the 25 January revolution “Stop what you are doing, focus on your work, and feed your family and your children, and find a way to leave the country like your friends”. More than 7 months after I was fired from Mamdouh Hamza’s office as a project manager, Mamdouh Hamza appears one day in the media asking where does Ahmed Maher get his money?


He fired me just so that he could question where I get my funding every day as if it is he who controls the fates and livelihoods of people. Perhaps his friends in the secret service understood it this way, although he does have part-time engineers working in his office. Thus, there is such a thing as a part time engineer….Surely my money is much less than a full-time job, but I won’t starve to death when he fires me….


I was supposed to begin a new job in a big company in the beginning of December –  the house is empty, and my 70 meter apartment has accumulated two years of rent, and the payments for the car are accumulating although the car itself was destroyed in an accident…and then someone asks where are you getting your funding from and gets surprised when I insult him….


The problem is not with those informing the intelligence like shaheed and Abdel Aziz and Khouly and Al Shawwaf ( I am referring to Hassan Shaheen the spokesperson for “Tamarod”, Mohammed Abdel Aziz, one of the leaders of “Tamarod”, Tarek Al Khouly founder of the “6 April” party in formation, and Haitham Al Shawwaf coordinator of the union of the revolutionary forces and member of the 30 June party). The problem is also not with the fools that repeat what they hear like parrots, all of these are boys trying to justify earning a living from the officers….The problem is with the officers who are sending out these kids…How can the national security, and the navy intelligence, and the secret service have officers with such bad manners? I know that some will call me naive….for the officers were always this way, and their techniques were always this way…….


But what I am thinking is…doesn’t this harm Egypt?! When a country’s security and authority bodies are all working on spreading rumors and tarnishing reputations and employing informers like Abdo Moshtak from so-called “journalists” and “activists, does this not pose a threat to Egypt? Of course! Why else is our situation this way? Because of these techniques. Instead of focusing on the security of the state, they are busy creating rumors, and what is worse is that they are leaving those who are really being funded and no-one talks about them….


So I now have a few options. One is to take a photo of my little apartment and all the debts I have and my bank accounts, and walk around the streets showing it to people, showing them that this is my life and that I am not funded. This is difficult and would take years while I meet 85 million people.


My second option is to truly start accepting funding like those who are funded and who no-one talks about.


The third is to be hypocritical and submit to the system, and they will stop their campaigns against me.


The fourth is to continue as I am and tolerate their filthy ways….


Ahmed Maher
Torah Prison
5th December, 2013


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