The National Council of Sisi’s Rights


I do not foresee good things from what is called the National Council of Human Rights after its new formation after 30/6. Since I found out that among its members are informers for the intelligence such as “Mohammed Abdel Aziz”, I suspected ill, for how could an informer who used to tell the security about activists before the revolution become a member of the National Council of Human Rights. Considering his racist stances, and his rhetoric filled with hate and treachery and accusing others of wrongdoing and spreading false rumors. The speech is clear from its title. Considering that its members’ rhetoric is full of racism and hatred and hostility. What human rights do you speak of while they are supportive of the atrocities of the Interior Ministry and submissive to the system!!!


A rights lawyer should not have a political affiliation…a rights lawyer is not a politician. So how can the members of the National Council of Human Rights have political affiliations and be submissive to the authorities?! There is no difference between this council and the fake councils that Mubarak set up before the revolution. For how can we except rights lawyers like Nijad Al Bor’y and Rajih Omran to take part in this act, and to play the role of monitor of the oppressive authorities while simultaneously being informers who protect and justify the atrocities committed by the authorities


The torture in police stations remains, and the Interior Ministry has returned to its rain, the protest law has been passed, and the stifling of rights has returned. And now the youth of the revolution are in jails under terrible conditions, all of their rights have been taken away including the most basic ones, so how can we accept to participate in this act!!


It is the National Council for Sisi’s rights and not the National Council for human rights… The National Council to kill the January revolution…. The National Council for the right of the authorities to oppress the people… The National Council for hatred and racism and support of the system and its interior ministry…..

That is the more appropriate name….


Ahmed Maher
Torah Prison
6th December, 2013




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