The series of the “revolutionary” security thugs, the sons of….

The first rule is that do not ever think that your opponent would let you move around as you like without always trying to destroy you from the inside, and the opponent here is the old system and its security organs and ministry of interior. Your war is now against the oppressive police state, and so it is perfectly normal to notice the rise of the activity of security thugs…..


A few days ago, Douma said to me that there was an internet war going on with people claiming that “Maher turned in Douma”…I said to him, “And what do you think of that, my friend?” Douma said to me, “I saw the interrogation reports and I know that you said that I wasn’t even around in the premises to begin with” And I said to him, “It’s a good thing you know that they’re sons of ……. That’s what’s important to me, and it’s a good thing that you saw with your own eyes what I said in the interrogation” And two days ago, we received word inside the prison that Douma has a shower inside his cell….meaningless rumors…spread by those same people who want to divide people…


There are four types of people in the ranks of the youth and political forces – if they can be called the revolutionary forces….


The first are the security thugs…. And for them, you may find a fake twitter or face book account with an officer or informer taking orders from an officer to be a source of rumors and false flags….


The second are the security thugs pretending to be revolutionary…. The difference between them and the real revolutionaries is that they are like religious extremists, trying to appear as something that they are not, for monetary gain. These people you will find posing as revolutionaries and exaggerating; they are usually the most extreme and violent ones, and are always preaching about retribution and the rights of the martyrs so that others will follow them…..


These are also the ones who will carry weapons and who will run away as soon as the clashes begin, leaving people to die, and then refuse to negotiate under the pretense of “retribution”…you will always find them in the protests with the most radical rhetoric of all….their role is to destroy any alliance or movement or activity through violence and rumors and dividing people apart and making them lose their trust in one another… In the last period, we have seen confessions from a lot of them in our ranks and have gotten to know many of them, and we have learned about their weapons and violence, and their agreements with the security forces…



The third type…and he is not a security thug or a “revolutionary” security thug…but he is their partner…he is the parrot…and he is the one who does not think and believes every rumor…or who is jealous of another and does not like him for personal reasons…and so participates in spreading the rumor…or one who simply likes to talk and repeat words and exciting stories of conspiracy…or one who has an ideological difference with another and so repeats the rumor….these people may be revolutionaries, but are unfortunately complicit in the crime and are helping the security thugs and the “revolutionary” security thugs……


And if the parrot continues without being cured or reviewing himself, and if he continues refusing to use his brain he will turn into the fourth type…..


And the fourth type is the sheep…. And these are the ones with completely no brain…they do not think at all….they go with the flow….repeat whatever they hear….today they support one side and tomorrow they support the other…a sheep believes anything and moves with the majority repeating the words of the authorities or the security thugs or the parrots while thinking that he is in the right…extremism and stupidity and noise and loud voices….arguing without having any understanding…..


Unfortunately, these are the people who tore apart the revolution from inside, possible more than the security forces and the security thugs….they are the weapons used by the authorities and the security….they are the fuel for the explosion of any battle from within..and they are not excused from the crime and are a part of it even if their intentions were kind……


We are now ar a difficult phase for Egypt, and it is not the time for pampering….it has become clear that the old system is truly back, not just concerns that it might return….


Torture in the police stations and prisons is back in full force. All of the corrupt figures of the Mubarak era are back, and the abuses of human rights have increased, and every day more and more journals and shows are insulting the 25 January revolution and glorifying the 30 June, and there are even people calling for the return of the likes of Ahmed Ezz….


And all the of the state security officers who tortured and murdered in the days of Mubarak have returned to their posts and to their ways, and it is now crystal clear…this is a war on the 25 January revolution, and it is a matter of months before Mubarak returns and all what was before the 25 January revolution returns….


It is not the time for gray areas…the war against the 25 January revolution is happening…all of the “parrots” are helping the Mubarak system and the state security even if only with their ignorance or stupidity or personal and psychological problems….


Even he who is still close to the current authorities and was once among the revolutionaries is complicity in the crime of the return of Mubarak’s system…


People need to wake up and all of the groups from before the 25 January need to work together again…and whoever is gone is gone…. It is not the time for adolescent games or jealousy or selfishness or parrots or sheep. The police state is trying to break apart the revolutionary groups of the 25 January from withing. Do not be a part of the crime!

Ahmed Maher
Torah Prison
10th December, 2013




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