Didn’t happen in the past 122 years


They say Egypt has not seen this kind of weather in the past 122 years. I believe you, but this snow could not have happened except when I was in prison? I truly felt that this weather had not happened before. If I had been out of prison, I would have been happy in the cold and rain, dress warmly, pick up an umbrella, wear some gloves and a scarf…and when I get home, close all the windows, curl up under a cover or two and have a hot drink. The cold is sometimes nice…


These is a theory that I heard once a long time ago that those born during winter like the winter. I think that might be correct to a large extent. I do like the winter and the cold and the rain and the snow, and I do enjoy walking under the rain but not like this. In prison, there are no windows I can close. The windows are wide and high, barred and open, and the wind is always inside. Even the prison gate of this jail is not like in other prisons where there is a small slit in a door of steel. Here only half the door is blocked –  this prison is great in the summer but not in the winter…and in cold that has not been seen in the past 122 years, it is too much….


I wanted to sleep that night, but the cold wind was as if I was on the street. I wore a training suit up and down to no avail. I covered with the blanket I had received in my last visit, and the prison blanket which is like paper – fine for summer but of no use in winter – and so I had two problems…the cold wind stinging my feet and the cold wind lashing my face….


The good thing is that the food that I received in my last visit will not spoil as I don’t think there is a refrigerator colder than my prison cell. I wore two pairs of socks on top of one another, and covered my face from the cold windows stinging it, and then it was alright. But then, something new happened – heavy rains. The rain fell heavily on the floor,and began seeping in through the slit above me. If I had been sleeping in the street, it would not have been this bad. I tried to move away from where the rain seeped in and went to sleep…..


Cold water for the men


When I entered prison for the first time, I got used to showering every day with cold water. Its normal, is it not? Cold water for the men, but the weather is colder than before, and it gets colder each day.


I have not been able to shower for a few days. There is no heater in the prison – that is not a problem – I have decided to shower anyway. I’ll just wait for the rain to stop, but it won’t stop. The rain has been falling for days, and has been falling as ice. Alright, cold water for the men it is, and I’ll shower now….I began to shower in the middle of the rain…and then white snow….I splashed around in the cold water for a while…and then it became ice….

Well, I can’t splash around like this…I kept saying cold water for men…cold water for men…got in the shower…but then ice, ice, ice…a strange pain in my bones….enough cold water for the men….did I have to shower in cold water in the coldest weather in 122 years? Was it really the time for manhood? But honestly….I don’t feel the cold any more…I don’t feel anything at all….


Ahmed Maher
Torah Prison
12th December, 2013



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