The Epidemic

The foreign horror movies always follow the same scenario and more or less the same events with minor differences, whether American or European –  an evil inventor or an evil drug company or an intelligence body carrying out research on some virus, and the virus evolves and turns into something else which infects people and turns them into “zombies” or the living dead or cannibals or something of the sort….


And the disease evolves and spreads to every city or to the whole world, depending on the director’s vision. There always remains a small minority that remains to fight the living dead or the mutants, some trying to find the cure to the disease. Some are killed, some are infected and turn to his friends to kill him so that he does not kill or eat or infect another. The film ends with an open ending or all the planet’s people have transformed except the hero and his girlfriend, or only the hero remains, or only his girlfriend, or all die and to mutants….

A person turns into a mutant when he is infected with a virus through needles or inhaling or contact with another mutant. And when the symptoms of transformation show on him, he must be isolated so that he does not infect another, and so on. The ending is always sad and controversial in such movies…


In Egypt, the situation is even more tragic. The virus has spread and infected so many. Some have turned into mutants from the submission virus. He who is infected with this virus turns into a monstrosity, such as the living dead….

This virus is not new to Egypt, but after the 30 June, it spread with enormous force and confused the world, He who is infected with this virus immediately begins hostility until he turns into a mutant and infects other people….


Of the symptoms of this epidemic is to find a journalist who, before the 25 January revolution, wrote with bravery about corruption and the oppression of the security institution and the network of businessmen that robbed and looted Egypt, and who criticized the national security’s killing and torture suddenly turn into someone who defends Alaa and Jamal Mubarak and calls for the release of Ahmed Ezz and glorifies the efforts of the Interior Ministry to oppress and kill and torture. He then proceeds to criticize and call a traitor anyone who talks about human rights and a state of law. He then slowly turns into a mutant without even feeling it, and starts cheering for the oppressive leader and searching for his good qualities, even if these qualities are but illusions….


The virus infected another group who have joined the sick- a group of 50 people , all who have been infected with the submission epidemic but to different degrees, some who submit to any leader from long ago, and some who began just recently, but all 50 are feigning support for the military regime to varying degrees, some seeking positions of power and some out of fear, or just simply submission for the sake of submission….


The 50 who are infected with the epidemic made a fuss about a constitution that gives even greater power to the president and allows trials of civilians in military courts and reduces the ability of the people to hold the president accountable. After they were infected with the virus, they have no problem with writing a constitution for a country more submissive to the ruler and less able to hold him accountable…a constitution which gives the military regime more authority and a special place for the military state….well, because the military regime brought us happiness and so we must obey…..


Unfortunately, you find those who before the revolution defended the independence of universities and the necessities of removing campus guards that control everything and control demonstrations and recruitments and promotions, and who fought so that those in positions of power on university board would arrive through elections, became infected with the virus after 30 June. They became the most avid supporters of the campus guards inside universities and defend the Interior Ministry who killed the engineering student…they defend the oppressive protest law and are on their way becoming mutants….power corrupts….


And there are those who defended human rights before the 25 January revolution, but after being infected with the epidemic do not consider those with an opinion human…thus anyone with objections or opinions or even simple suggestions regarding the performance of the oppressive dictator is no longer considered human and does not have rights after 30 June, and is automatically a traitor or agent…and all the human rights defenders infected with the disease were transferred to a national council and it was named the National Council of the submissive or the infected…thus those who show symptoms and who begin showing hypocrisy and submission and who kiss the hands and boots of the leader are the only ones with any rights…the rest will end up dead or in prison….


The worst kind of sick are the youth who speak of freedom, democracy, social justice and human dignity and who once were driven by the struggle and the revolution, but when they became infected with this awful epidemic became only concerned with seeking a position and pleasing the leader. It does not stop at their silence about the abuse of their colleagues in the past, but some even volunteer lies even if the leader does not ask them to…their colleague may be in jail or dead….it does not matter, a position of power in the new system is more important than principles or the revolution…..


The disease is spreading day by day in all the channels, newspapers, political parties and movements. Its symptoms are dangerous: hypocrisy, submission, lies, accusing people of different opinions of being agents and traitors and part of the Brotherhood, defending random killing and torture and human rights abuses, and allowing the return of the Mubarak regime, its figures and its policies as well as the return of the police state and torture….

Unfortunately, the chances of a mutant returning to normal are nearly non-existent; however, a number have been cured after the arrests and fabricated charges against those who opposed the protest law. This is because in spite of the desperate situation and the bleak present, there will come a day when everyone will wake up. I hope this will happen before the catastrophe that will inevitably happen if the situation stays as it is…..

Ahmed Maher
Torah Prison
17h December, 2013




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