Vote Sisi for president

Oh yes…just as I am telling you….vote for Sisi as president.
I am the one who has signed below and my name is Ahmed Maher. I am the one to which they direct all sorts accusations and myths which they have fabricated and continue to fabricate. With all the faculties of my mind, I am saying yes to Sisi as president….not just one yes, but two.

And why not??!! Are we going to lie to one another?!! He really is the man of the hour, but my reasons are different from all the others who support Sisi and pushed for his nomination, whether they are supporters of the ex-regime or politically-inactive citizens or political parties or a good-for-nothing elite that will never except anything but crumbs of the ex-regime or the military regime and will never be able to take on competition….let the people try it out for themselves…let’s get this over with.

People tried the Brotherhood and saw their incompetency, stubbornness and lies. Let them try the military regime and the ex-regime in authority.

Even though military rule has not left Egypt for a single day since 26 July 1952, even after the changes which happened after the 1967 defeat which happened because of the oppression of the military and their strife after their own self-interests. And in spite of the era of Sadat who took off the military uniform and dressed as a civilian, the military remained in control of everything from behind the curtains.

The same is true of the Mubarak era…a mafia of businessmen in control of the country with a jurisdiction that no-one can come close to such as the empire of the military,their farms, factories, castles and land.

Even in the reign of Morsi, no-one could come close to the empire of the military, their personal interests, their secret deals, and their control of the presidential office.

So why should they continue to rule from behind the curtain?! Let it be outright military fascism…don’t the people want it? Let them try outright military fascism and the military’s idea of government….

Let us try military solutions for economic and social issues, although we have tried them for the past 60 years, but let’s try again.

Let the authors and journalists see how freedom of expression will look like under Sisi, and let every journalist who faked support pay the price, and let every author cheering Sisi on know his limits during Sisi’s reign. Let’s go back to the days of the past.

Don’t the liberal, leftist and nationalistic parties want Sisi to give them a few posts and positions?!! They’ll see that everything will go to the ex-regime…the military only want the ex-regime.

And don’t the supporters of Nasser want Sisi to recreate the days of Gamal Abdel Nasser, so we can go back to the time of a state in which no-one can open their mouth!!! Let them try out Sisi who trained in America and whose income comes from America…no-one can do anything without cooperation with America and permission from Israel.

Let them see with their own eyes what Sisi will do with the workers, the public sector and the achievements of the Abel Nasser era. 

Let the lawyers see what will become of the human rights lawyers, and let the people see how the police will treat them.

And while we’re at it, let me remind you of a few things….

Do you remember the battle of the camels??!! The day that a 
number of groups were arrested at the same time of the attack on Tahrir Square…the group that was visiting El Baradei and the groups that were at the Egyptian Institute and the Hisham Mubarak Legal Institute. Surely some people are trying to forget in order to find a place close to authority.

But for those who didn’t forget, they can tell us about what happened to them in the military intelligence buildings when they were blindfolded and cuffed at the hands and feet. Do you remember the beatings and torture?? Do you remember Sisi’s voice and his threats??!! You traitors and agents?? You remember how Sisi’s position in your interrogations changed when he found out that millions took to the square after the battle of the camels??

Sisi, the head of military intelligence in the time of Mubarak and in the time of Tantawy, who took the files of the state security and continued their work for them, listening to phone calls during the revolution and after it. 

Do you remember??!! Would someone please remind the people what happened inside with Sisi??!!

Okay forget about that….what about the ways that the military intelligence withdraws information, the same military intelligence that Sisi ran. Do you remember 9 March 2011 and 8 April 2011 and countless other events in which activists were exposed to torture, illegal trials and torture??

Shhh….everyone has forgotten?…No, not everyone, thank God.

Anyways lets get it over with…and just as we saw the tragedies and catastrophes of the Brotherhood rule, let’s see the blatant military rule instead of from behind the curtains. Let the revolution start anew after the military rule.

Let us see real oppression and murder and arrests. Let us see a new Abdel Nasser era but this time without social justice and without upsetting Israel. Abdel Nasser Sisi 2014 who trained in America and who cannot upset Israel and who coordinates with 
them before making a single move in Sinai.

You can tell a lot about a letter from its address….

It’s alright in any case….in this way we can finish the battles, and after years build up on a clean slate. We experienced religious fascism, and now the people must see military fascism and oppression and failure that will lead to civil strife and a crippled economy.

And therefore:

I, who signed below with my full mental capacities at my disposal, announce my support to nominate Sisi as president.

Let us fall in the trap, try and build on a clean slate after that

Ahmed Maher
Torah Prison

It is worth noting that Ahmed Maher, Ahmed Douma and Mohammed Adel have been sentenced to 3 years in prison and a fine of 50,000 Egyptian pounds for violating the protest law and for demonstration against military trials for civilians while Ahmed Maher was turning himself


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