The referendum smells foul…..

Yes, the referendum….what is happening now has nothing to do with a legitimate referendum in any way, what is happening now is no different from the referendum of 2005, when all the institutions of the state pushed towards “yes” and all the businessmen posted signs that read “Yes to Mubarak, yes to the constitution”. Back then as well, they called everyone who wished to vote “no” a traitor, an agent an enemy of the country…..just as they say now.

There is not really much of a difference between the manipulation and the fraud which happened in the referendum of 2005 and in the referendum of 2014…the same method and rhetoric, the same abuses, fascism and lies. Better than the constitution of 1971, but it still contains poison about the authorities of the president which takes us back to an authoritarian system…and of course articles on military trials…..and of course articles on the military authorities and their authority over the country even if Sisi does not become president. But why all of these expenses since the whole thing is acting and fabricated anyway??!! All of the money being thrown away over this referendum??!! Aren’t the poor people of Egypt more worthy of that money??!!

Overt advertisements of yes, arresting anyone who says no….what a democracy…getting rid of all institutions who might expose the abuses and the fraud, keeping only those institutions who will support and say yes!! And whoever things of saying no is immediately called a traitor and agent!! Why are they even having a referendum??!! Why all of these expenses??!! 

I can hear people outside saying……“Why is Ahmed Maher even talking?! He was at Morsi’s establishment”…No, you haven’t read well or followed the news properly, or are making things up. Amr Moosa, the head of the constitution committee, was also at Morsi’s establishment, along with plenty of others like Jaber Nassar, Waheed Abd El Majeed, Abdel Jaleel Mostafa……I withdrew on the same day, and there were those who did not withdraw and voted yes to Morsi’s constitution. …Al Azhar,…the military……I, for one, withdrew and opposed Morsi’s constitution and called out to the people to say No. I was against the same disastrous articles that are in the constitution of 2014. And in 2012, I was able to get 5 million flyers against the Brotherhood’s constitution distributed….we went out in protests against the constitution everywhere…can anyone do this now??!! Anyone who opposes the constitution now is a traitor and agent who wants to destroy Egypt, just like the media says. 

The Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt with the utmost stupidity and opportunism, but the new military regime is even more based on stupidity, dictatorship, oppression and lies. They detain everyone who opposes, no-one appears on the media outlets to defend their opinion…..only supporters of the constitution are allowed to oversee the referendum!!! That is considered fraud by the way!! Go out and say no….and only no….and therefore this is not a referendum and what is going on has nothing to do with a referendum, constitution, or democracy. Your referendum smells foul. In this way, we will never achieve stability and the country will never calm down….aren’t you using the techniques of 2005??!! 

There are many days to come, because you are an oppressive authority and will back your worthless constitution the same way that Mubarak backed his 1971 constitution. Oppression will not protect you. And pretending will protect no-one. All of the parties who are pretending to agree with the system…there are still many round to come…patience, patience…

Ahmed Maher…Torah Prison


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