13 steps to create a terrorist.

 1. Keep calling him a terrorist and label him under that category over just a doubt, same goes for traitor or vandal….stick that description to them and convince people of it.

2. Dedicate all media outlets to insult him every day on every program….treacherous terrorist, or traitor and agent.

3. Bring in strategy experts from the cafe and let them appear on television to discuss conspiracy theories. Make them feel sorrowful about their revolution, and make the youth feel hopeless.

4. Fire on protesters in cold blood and don’t ever hold an officer accountable…that’s the quickest way to turn the family and friends of the victim into terrorists. Kill a peaceful protester, and you turn 3 or 4 of his friends into terrorists.

5. Arrest people randomly and treat them like terrorists who have no rights…that is also an excellent way to turn someone who is not a terrorist into one, and someone who is not a traitor into one, and so on….

6. Do not respect the sanctity of a home while searching for a suspect. Forget about a search warrant, and if someone asks you about a warrant, hit him on the head with the back of your fun. Don’t worry if there are women alone in the house. Go inside, and beak as you please. Don’t worry if the women haven’t had time to wear something or cover their hair…after all, she is the mother, sister or wife or a terrorist, traitor or vandal….this is a way guaranteed to turn the neighbors, relatives and people of the area into real terrorists whose only goal is to take revenge on the police.

7. If you do not find the suspected terrorist or vandal….arrest his elderly father or his mother, sister or wife….that way you know he will come to you…but there is a high chance he will come to blow up the building, or someone else will blow up your office afterwords….the explosion doesn’t matter….what matters is fixing the records.

8. Pressurize him and chase him everywhere, so that the real terrorists will tell him look where politics has brought you….in this way, you can ensure that mean of the youth who really believed in the idea of politics and peaceful change will turn into terrorists carrying weapons.

9. Refuse any dialogue or compromise, be stubborn and eliminate any chance of a peaceful solution

10. As for those kids that are bothering you and making some noise, call them terrorists and vandals and accuse them of being paid. Make all your journalists insult them and tarnish their reputations every day until your drive them into the arms of the terrorists although they hate them. In this way, you lumped all the people together and put them in one category, and you can finish them all off at once…if you have enough time that is.

11. Let Abdel Raheem Ali come out with stupid leaks, and present it in a way that there is treachery and foreign agency and funding, and let him play with the words and add and delete, and let him incite violence against the families of the subjects of the leaked phone calls…..and rest assured that the first assault against those families will turn a lot of people into real terrorists.

12. Use the great judiciary in a political struggle and eliminating your opponents and anyone who bothers you. Let your judiciary conduct quick trials…in this way, you make the people lose trust in the judiciary,and so of course people will carry weapons to defend their rights since the great judiciary is so mighty.

13. Let people give up on peacefulness. Close all the political windows and channels not in your favor, and chase them and incite hatred against them. Let the supporters of the government carry weapons against them. And make those who upheld the ideals of nonviolence and peaceful struggle regret all they used to say….

Ahmed Maher
Torah Prison



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