I thought they would not do it with me…..but they did much worse…

It was the day of your return from the hearing. We waited a long time for you, and your return came very late that day. We were worried about you. We asked about you through the bars of the prison cell…..why are the guys late….God have mercy….


You entered in a moment of silence, the marks of the beating on your bodies. What kind of animal did this to you? What sort of heartless person would beat you while you are chained…and why?


We listened to your horrifying stories. I tried to imagine the details but I couldn’t…..how could they beat you while you were in the car being transported or while you were in court custody…..what kind of animal would do such a thing?


I don’t know why I felt shame, guilt and shortcoming while you were telling us of what happened to you. I felt helpless…..what could I have done to prevent what happened to you….and what could I have done when I do not have any control over what happens to me….


Is it possible that they would repeat what they did with you to us? And that we would one day find them beating us for no reason? No, I don’t think so…that is what I said to myself.But I don’t know why I was so reassured.What would prevent them from beating me in custody as they had done to you?…..Nothing


Khaled, Nagy, Abdullah and Mohammed Al Sayess…..I apologize that I thought I was isolated from what happened to you. I had thought they would not repeat it with me. How naive I was!


What would prevent the police from abusing me if their abuse of you during your transportation or trial passed without notice? What happened to you, I simply could not imagine.I had thought I was isolated from what happened to you, and that they could not repeat it with me….but what happened was worse


I could not imagine what had happened to you, how sadistic and cowardly it was, until I saw it with my own eyes when over 25 policemen, from officer to security cadet, began beating us while we were chained in the custody of the courtroom, and all because we asked them to treat us with respect.


All we asked was that they treat us with respect and nothing more, but they beat us while we were in custody.All we asked was that they treat us with respect…..and so they treated us in the most lowly and sadistic manner. There is no manhood in 25 officers beating 3 chained detainees in solitary confinement.


This is the state of the law that they speak of day and night. This is not a state to begin with!Khaled, Nagy, Abduallah and Al Sayess….You have witnessed this with your own eyes. You have been beaten while you were in chains before. You have felt this humiliation.


Tell people what happened and what is happening, and what will continue to happen as long as there is silence and ignorance. Tell them that the police display brutality every day, and there is no one who can stop them from murdering us in our cells if they want to.Tell them that there is no protection today nor tomorrow, and tell them that whoever is silent about it today will face worse tomorrow


Ahmed Maher

Torah Prison




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